A passionate creative, I’ve spent the last six years honing my skills with the written word across a wide range of in-house, agency, and freelance positions. Early journalistic experience taught me to adhere to strict deadlines and maintain a laser focus on attention to detail. Two years of agency experience taught me to keep my SEO-driven writing flexible and vibrant but strongly aligned with brand goals, voice, and campaign targets. Two years as an in-house Content and Community Manager at a startup taught me to think beyond the campaign and create copy that generates conversations and inspires engagement. It also taught me that startups move fast, so copy has to move faster. And here I am!

Marketing and Sales

I have produced a wide range of marketing, sales, and web commerce materials for Reach Robotics. These are available on request.


Reach Robotics



Agency Copywriting

I have worked with the following brands to create high-quality, SEO driven copy tailored to their individual brand voice and guidelines.




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Video Game Journalism

The Indie Game Website – Features Editor

I secure, commission, develop, and edit all content for the features section of The Indie Game Website. I pride myself on featuring articles that go the extra mile in their discourse and analysis, asking questions bigger than the headlines and nurturing writers to become confident enough to answer those questions.

The Indie Game Website

My Personal Blog – Musings Of A Mario Minion

This site has been built from the ground up to provide honest news and reviews as well as in depth analysis pieces considering the wider video game industry. Scholarly application of critical theory can be found alongside industry discussion to inspire a new generation of video game journalism that engages critical discourse to further the medium’s sincerity as an expressive medium.


Musings Of A Mario Minion

TRT World

I was recently featured on global news network TRT World to discuss 2017’s Video Game Hall Of Fame hopefuls.


Previously a contributor for ThatVideoGameBlog, where I provided news, reviews, and the odd editorial piece. This link will take you to my author’s bio where you can find all my posts and publications for the site.

ThatVideoGameBlog, Tabitha Baker Author Archive

Critical Distance

Some of the posts from right here on Musings Of A Mario Minion have made it into the weekly round up of video game criticism and academic appreciation over at Critical Distance.

April 30th 2017 Weekly Blog Round Up

Ript Apparel

I wrote an essay for Ript Apparel’s blog discussing the role of human values in video game design in the 21st Century, looking at the promotion of prosocial values through game structures and systems, and why we are seeing this shift now.

Ript Apparel – How Human Values Are Reshaping Video Game Design


I spent a few months reviewing mobile games for Pookybox, gaining valuable insight into the innovation and creativity occurring within the App Store today.

Pookybox / Tabitha Baker Author Page