I have been writing professionally for the past four years. A fresh new face in the copywriting and journalism industries, my ambitious approach to self-starting has seen my personal site skyrocket in popularity in recent years.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to pair my two greatest passions in life. My natural writing abilities and strong focus on SEO and digital marketing were married with my fascination with the video game medium when I began my own blog in 2013. Since then, my ability to stand out on the ranking battlefield has led to extra employment in video game journalism and criticism as well as a featured guest on global news network TRT World.

I began working for The Click Hub through which I have worked for local British clients for the last year. This content creation role drove me to research SEO and digital marketing trends deeply, something I continue to stay on top of to ensure my copy is consistently relevant and productive to my client.

You’re more important than me, however. Which is why I make it a personal mission to gather as much information on a company before I begin writing with them. When our attention and goals are aligned, we can accomplish great feats of customer engagement and retention.